Knee-High (Over the calf) compression socks or crew compression socks

Woman sitting with Compression Socks

The choice between over-the-calf and crew compression socks depends mainly on your preferences. Both types of socks offer compression benefits, and the decision often comes down to factors such as the level of compression you require and your personal comfort.

Knee-High (Over-the-calf) compression socks typically reaching just below the knee. This provides compression support for the calf muscles, lower leg, and potentially the knee area. The compression can help improve circulation reducing swelling and preventing DVT.

Compression crew socks

Crew compression socks do not extend as high as over-the-calf socks. They usually reach to the middle or lower calf. Some people find crew socks to be more comfortable, especially during warm weather. Crew socks offer better breathability, while you still getting some benefit from compression. 


If you require more comprehensive compression coverage and support for the calf muscles, over-the-calf socks might be a better option. If you prefer greater breathability, crew socks could be more suitable while you still getting some of the compression benefits.

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