Travelsox Graduated Compression

Where Commute Meets Comfort

Graduated compression socks makes travel safer and possible for many people with compromised blood flow in their legs. Physicians rely on compression socks and stockings to help maintain blood flow, alleviate discomfort and reduce swelling in patients with heart issues. We took that concept further and engineered a next-level compression sock specifically designed specifically for travelers — be it by plane, train, automobile or your own two feet.

Compression Sock Diagram


The Travelsox Difference in Compression Socks

Most compression socks effect the leg from the ankle up. However, blood also pools in your feet and that's where a lot of damage occurs! That’s why Travelsox’s patented graduated compression technology starts directly with the foot, wrapping and contouring from arch to calf like a second skin. It’s a concept we call Feetness.

  • Improved Circulation
    Graduated compression pushes blood from your extremities back to your heart, even in cramped spaces where your mobility is limited.
  • Reduced Leg Pain
    Better circulation means more oxygenated blood is leaving the heart and moving uniformly throughout the body, reducing achy legs.
  • Fewer Blisters
    Form-fitting fabric lies snugly against the skin, leaving no uncomfortable creases that cause painful blisters after long periods on your feet.
  • Less Swelling
    Prolonged sitting leads to blood pooling in the legs and feet. Graduated compression shifts fluid in the body, leading to less swelling and soreness during and after travel.
  • More Comfort
    Traveling can be tiring, but it shouldn’t be painful. Travelsox make your trip a little more comfortable.
  • Helps Lower DVT
    Risk Proper blood circulation lowers your risk for deep vein thrombosis, a dangerous condition caused by blood clots.


Travelsox is so Good We Patented It.

When our engineers had their Feetness breakthrough back in 1998, they knew they were onto something. We obtained two U.S. patents that demonstrate our graduated compression technology is both original and unique — you won’t find it anywhere else.

Sox Solution Patent


How to Wear Compression Socks