Made in Italy

Uncompromising Quality. It’s the Italian Way.


Socks Made in Italy

For generations, Italians have been renowned for their inimitable style, precision and craftsmanship. It’s why we selected the Northern Italian city of Brescia as the birthplace of Vitalsox. Nestled in the Po Valley at the foot of the Alps, our mill is home to some of the world’s most masterful textile makers who constantly seek to produce the most comfortable and functional socks, stitch by skillful stitch.




“I see the attention to detail that goes into making every pair of Vitalsox firsthand. I’m passionate about this company because they do things the right way — nothing less than the best is acceptable.”
~Mirco Ferrari, Brescia Mill Employee


Specialized Equipment

Quality Machinery Used in Sock Manufacturing

Lots of companies make socks. It’s how we make them that sets us apart. Vitalsox are woven on highly specialized textile machinery dedicated to our product. We do not use a generic mill that makes dozens of other items.






Superior Yarn Fiber Matters

Superior Yarn in Italian Socks

We partner with prestigious fiber companies worldwide and create our own proprietary fibers like Silver DryStat® in-house to ensure the ideal environment for your feet — no matter what the weather.






Often Imitated Never Duplicated

Vitalsox are often imitated, but never matched in quality or design. Our 100% Italian made socks are crafted from start to finish in our own facility. We don’t outsource, period.