Equilibrium - Sensory Technology

Vitalsox Equilibrium socks use high compression to stimulate ankle proprioception, improving balance, posture and athletic performance.

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  • Improves Balance and Stability
  • Improves Motor Control
  • Stimulates Proprioception
  • Helps Post-Trauma Recovery
  • Promotes Better Posture
  • Enhances Athletic Performance

How stimulating proprioception improve your balance and performance

Proprioceptors (also called "the receptors for self") are nerves that tell the brain how the body is positioned. When we are at rest, moving or training, proprioceptors tell our brain how to balance the limbs, head and trunk in a three-dimensional reality. Some people have problems with these nerves because of past trauma or injuries, leading to falls and incorrect brain-body communication. For athletes, improving that line of communication improves performance, regardless of injury. 

Vitalsox Equilibrium socks stimulate proprioceptor nerves at the ankle using strong compression. This sensory stimulation improves your balance and motor controls to improve your performance whether you are recovering from injury or just moving. 

The effectiveness of this technology has been demonstrated by scientific research studies of both athletes and non-athletes at leading universities. Learn More

Diagram of a body's nervous system.