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About Us

All Your Favorite Compression Socks In One Place is the all-in-one eCommerce portal of SockWise Inc., the company behind such bestselling socks as Vitalsox, Travelsox, and Eurosock. We're dedicated to creating compression socks that change the way you run, walk, fly, and work. Our socks are made with movement in mind, so don't let back pain or leg issues stop you from being active. Sox Solution has the solution. 

Using the interactive shopping features on this site, your feet will be covered!

Climbing the Italian Alps in Compression Socks for Travel

Unparalleled Quality and Performance

We’re passionate about creating socks for every aspect of your life, from fitness to travel to relaxation and beyond.

Silver DryStat

Vitalsox are woven from our proprietary Silver DryStat® fiber, a moisture-wicking polypropylene material we developed in-house with silver ions infused directly into the fabric.

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Graduate Compression

We have engineered a next-level compression sock designed specifically for athletes

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Made In Italy

For generations, Italians have been renowned for their inimitable style, precision and craftsmanship. It’s why we selected the Northern Italian city of Brescia as the birthplace of Vitalsox.

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