Graduated Compression Technology

Train, Perform, Recover Better

Physicians rely on compression socks and stockings to help maintain blood flow, alleviate discomfort and reduce swelling in patients. We took the concept and engineered a next-level compression sock designed specifically for athletes—one that goes to work for you before, during and after your workout. Most compression socks take effect from the ankle up, but your feet are where most of the action happens!

That’s why Vitalsox’s patented graduated compression technology starts directly with the foot, wrapping and contouring from arch to calf like a second skin. It’s a concept we call Feetness.

Vitalsox Graphic on how compression socks affect the feet.

Why Use Vitalsox?

Fewer Blisters

Form-fitting fabric lies snugly against the skin, leaving no uncomfortable creases that cause painful blisters.

Reduced Swelling

Your workout + gravity = blood pooling in the legs and feet. Graduated compression shifts fluid in the body, leading to less swelling and soreness post-exercise.

Optimal Muscle Repair

Improved blood flow means better nutrient delivery and waste removal, helping your muscles to recover and rebuild quicker.

More Comfort

As they say, no pain, no gain. Vitalsox mean a little less pain, a little more gain.


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