Marathon running wearing athletic compression socks.
Man jumping by cactus in an Arizona ultramarathon.


Specialty Socks for Everybody

Performance socks for Athletes


Through proprietary graduated compression technology, Vitalsox absorbs impact, cushions high-pressure areas, prevents blisters, helps deter cramps and maximizes your overall performance.

Improve Your Balance

Equilibrium Socks

Vitalsox Equilibrium socks use high compression to stimulate ankle proprioception, improving balance, posture and athletic performance.

Trusted by Pilots & Travelers


Travelsox’s patented graduated compression technology starts directly with the foot, wrapping and contouring from arch to calf like a second skin.

Diabetic Crew Med Weight Socks - CS0156 - Gray
Diabetic Over The Calf Light Compression Socks - CS0456 - Blue
Compression socks for Diabetes


Doctors recommend compression socks for people with a variety of medical conditions. If you suffer from a chronic medical condition such as diabetes or pregnancy that causes swelling in your legs, medical compression socks should help.