Silver DryStat

The Secret of Silver

Vitalsox are woven from our proprietary Silver DryStat® fiber, a moisture-wicking polypropylene material we developed in-house with silver ions infused directly into the fabric.

Informational Chart on Drystat for Vitalsox

Why Choose Silver DryStat? 

Moisture Control

Its low conductivity makes polypropylene an incredibly effective wicking material, which means your feet stay dry regardless of your activity level or the outdoor conditions.

Temperature Regulation

You’re most comfortable when your feet aren’t sweaty. DryStat’s superior insulating powers keep feet happy whether it’s snowing, sunny or somewhere in between.

We Don't Like Stinky Feet!

Silver is a natural antibiotic that’s been used for centuries to inhibit the growth of bacteria and keep unpleasant odors at bay.

Environmentally Friendly

Protecting the planet we live on is​ highly​ important to us. Silver DryStat fiber doesn’t pollute the environment (​al​though we know you’ll never throw your Vitalsox away!).