Compression Socks for Diabetes

Compression Socks for Diabetes

Are compression socks good for diabetes?

Yes, compression socks can be a good option for individuals with diabetes. They work by applying gentle pressure to the feet and legs, which helps improve blood flow and reduce swelling. This can be beneficial for people with diabetes, who are at an increased risk of developing circulation problems and foot problems. Compression socks for diabetes should have the following features:

  • Non-binding tops that do not restrict circulation
  • Graduated compression that is stronger at the ankle and gradually decreases towards the knee, which helps improve blood flow
  • Moisture-wicking materials to keep feet dry and reduce the risk of infection
  • Antimicrobial properties to reduce the growth of bacteria and fungi
  • Proper fit to prevent slipping and bunching

It's important to talk to a doctor before using compression socks, as they may not be suitable for everyone. The doctor can help determine the right compression level and provide advice on proper wear and care.

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